our team

Red House Farm is a family run operation.  Our small but talented team of humans and animals has decades of experience to help your horses live their best life.

Jennifer Clary

 Operations Manager | Owner | Barn Hand

Jen was raised on a horse breeding farm near Tofield, Alberta and has worked with horses most of her life. With over 30 years of experience Jen will make sure your horse is happy and healthy.

Ken Brunton

Business Manager | Owner | Joy Rider

Ken discovered horses as an adult and continues to work a career managing recreational facilities in the public sector.  When Ken isn't doing the paperwork, you'll see him doing maintenance and riding horses around Red House Farm


In Loving Memory 

Senior Supervisor

Razz was instrumental in our journey to Red House Farm. Although she has crossed the rainbow bridge, we are sure that she is still supervising from above.


Paw Patrol

Our German Shepherd cross, Toby, always has an eye out for the local wildlife.  No need to worry when he is on patrol.


Barn Greeter

Our Anatolian Sheppard cross, Maya, loves to say hello to new people, dogs, horses, or whatever. She aspires to, one day, be our junior branch manager.