Services & Facilities

Land & Facilities


Outdoor Board - $350/Mth

Includes generous sized pastures, spacious shelters, automatic waterers, and wood rail fencing. Horses are grouped with compatible pasture mates. This is full service board. We will organize and hold horses for routine vet and farrier care, provide daily blanketing service, and accommodate additional feeding as needed.

The Extras

Exercise Rides - $200/month

or $30/ride or walk

Does your retiree or senior need to keep their joints moving and muscles toned to keep their journey a healthy one? Although we think our big fields do a great job of keeping horses limber, we can also provide regular exercise rides or hand walks for those needing just a little bit more.

Ground Work Training - $120/Mth

For horses needing a few life skills for their journey we can help with basic ground skills so they are confident and ready to keep their tracks on the straight and narrow wherever that may take them.